My Week in Training – Cardiff Triathlon

19-25th June

I’m on night shifts this week, and trying to let my ankle recover. My big focus is on being rested and ready for the Cardiff Triathlon on Sunday. 


Sarah Williams, founder and creator of the Tough Girl Podcast (see my blog post on my episode) recently started her through-hike of the Appalachian Trail. She’s planning to do it in 100 days, and so some of us from the Tough Girl Tribe have set our own 100 day challenges. Mine was to do some yoga, stretching or foam rolling every day. This week is days 17-23. Days 1-16 involved yoga on 12 days, 3 days when I did a little stretching and / or foam rolling but no yoga, and 1 day which I skipped entirely – slapped wrists! This week has been tough to keep it up. I’ve been really productive (busy) during the days. And it’s just been too hot and sticky to get away with doing yoga during my night shift and not be a sweaty gross mess afterwards for the remainder of the shift. 


AM – 15.6 mile leisurely bike ride in the sun.

No yoga today but some stretching and rolling. My left calf muscle is incredibly tight, probably from compensating yesterday for the dodgy right ankle on all that uneven terrain and doing a sort of tentative right foot tiptoe foot-strike and a great stomping left foot-strike. 


AM – Steady 1 mile swim

PM – Sports massage which I’m counting as someone else stretching and rolling me. 


Had to go into London to get some stuff done so no time to train. I did 10 mins stretching and foam rolling. 


PM – 17.5 mile bike ride. Ride to meet a couple of people from the club then out to Eythrope for some hill efforts. I managed to fit in 3 reps before I had to go home to make it to work. 

Friday: REST DAY / Travel


AM – My 100th parkrun. I ran Porthcawl and came 2nd lady. 


AM – Cardiff Triathlon – An Olympic Distance Tri, so 1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run. This was my first Olympic in 6 years and actually only my 3rd ever. In 2010 I did Swanage in 3:29. In 2011 I did Malibu in 3:04. I was aiming for sub 3 hours, and thought that would be something like 30 mins swim, 100 mins bike, 45 mins run, and a few mins for transition. 

I was excited about this race, closed roads in Cardiff and swimming in Cardiff bay, so racing in places I grew up but had never been allowed or able to spin/swim around before.

The swim went quite well, and I entered T1 in 25:06. However my watch, and my friend’s both measured the distance short at more like 1200 metres, and that’s in spite of my poor sighting ability. I felt like I went out quite wide compared to other people, but then only breathing to my right, perhaps there were others to my left too!

The bike went really well. Despite being drizzly and pretty bleak weather by this point, I rode hard. There were two dead turns so six since it was 3 laps, and I nearly went splat on the 2nd so I took the next 4 extremely cautiously. I had my fingers crossed for a time of under 1:40, and entered T2 with a 1:21:59 so I’m absolutely delighted with that.

My run was ok. I overtook a few women and none overtook me so quite standard for a triathlon, but certainly not on form. It was two out and back laps through the docks and along the barrage. I finished in 46:08, but like the swim, measured it slightly short of the 10km at just under 6 miles. 

Total time 2:37:01, a PB by 27 minutes! I finished 33rd out of 129 female finishers, so top 25%; and 350/654 overall. I’m really pleased with that kind of ranking for a race involving a bike, and really enjoyed the Olympic distance. Passion for Triathlon has been reignited, so it’s lucky I’ve got a few more in the next month.

PM – 4-5ish mile beach walk with my family.


Swim x 2 = 2800 metres

Bike x 3 = 57 miles

Run x 2 = 9 miles

Other = Not a lot. I’ve really neglected the yoga this week, but I’ve done some stretching and rolling. My left calf is finally feeling a bit looser and my right ankle is still swollen, unstable and a bit painful on running, so still holding off on too much running for a while. 


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