My week in training – Ridgeway Relay

12-18th June

AM – 2.5 mile jog/hike to Beachy Head

AM – 25 mins yoga with Adriene
PM – 2 mile lido swim as 20xPB(pullbuoy), 20xsteady, 20xPB, 10x2fast, 16xPB (33.3m pool). 

AM – 20 mins yoga with Adriene.
PM – 25 mins full body weights. Plus 5 mins stretching and rolling.

AM – Bike commute = 16.7 miles.
PM – Bike commute = 23.8 miles. 
Eve – Wendover fitness trail – slow broken 5km run with some upper body strength, skipped all the agility/shuttle run stuff due to ankle. 


Eve – 25 mins yoga with Adriene + foam rolling. 


AM – Cassiobury Parkrun – paced a friend to sub 23 minutes. 

AM – 75 mins hot Hatha yoga 


AM – Ridgeway Relay leg 3, a 9.5 mile hilly trail run as part of a 10 leg 84 miles race for my club. I was worried about this race as my ankle isn’t healing as I’d like, and I know I need to rest it but I didn’t want to let anyone down. It was painful from the outset and didn’t ease. It was also really hot despite being one of the earlier legs of the day. I even carried a drink with me which I rarely choose to do. I stopped to help a young lad from a rival local club who was understandably struggling due to being an 800 metre runner normally! I pushed where I could, but I didn’t want to stumble on the uneven terrain and make things really bad. I finished it at 8:39/mile average pace. 

I had originally said no to taking part, and then agreed but only to an early leg so I could get out on my bike later on as I have a triathlon coming up next week. But I rethought this plan, and decided to rest and rehydrate while icing and elevating my ankle for the afternoon and then ride my bike later. I ended up falling asleep for 5 hours and completely bailing on the bike ride. The plan for next week is to look after myself and get as much R&R in as possible to be ready for Sunday’s triathlon. 

Eve – 30 mins yoga with Adriene ‘Yoga for Sciatica’ and some foam rolling. 


Swim x 1 = 2 miles

Bike x 2 = 40.5 miles 

Run x 4 = 18 miles

Other = 3 hours yoga / stretching / foam rolling. 


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