End of May & Trail Attack 2017

15-21st May

Monday: REST

Tuesday: ON-CALL

AM – 2100 metre swim


PM – Steady run – 9 miles at 8:00/mile


PM – Club turbo brick session

5 x 5mins turbo / 5 mins run + 5mins turbo cool down. I thought I’d really overcooked it on the first run but apart from that one at 6:20 pace they were reasonably consistent at around 6:40/mile. 


AM – Bike commute 16.5 miles in the rain. 

PM – Bike commute 15.5 more rainy miles.


AM – Aylesbury parkrun – 21:22, 2nd lady and beaten by a 60-64 year old. Kudos!

Sunday: ON-CALL 

Eve – Had planned a rest day but today in work was fairly sedentary so I left at 9:30 with a bit of spare energy and decided to turn what could have been seen as an obstacle to my advantage. 10km steady run done in the dark, good training for next week’s 24hr relay, when I’ll be doing at least a lap or two in the dark.


Runs x 4 = 22 miles 

Bikes x 3 = 30 mins turbo + 31 miles

Swims x 1 = 2100 metres

Other – Nada

22-28th May


AM – 25 mins turbo including 5 mins tabata intervals at the end. Followed by 25 mins yoga at home using the Yoga with Adrienne YouTube channel.


AM – 2600 metre lido swim 

PM – Running club flat efforts: 8x500m flat efforts with 1 minute rest plus warm up and cool down for 7 miles total. 


AM – 30 mins yoga with Adriene, annoyingly the internet kept dropping and interrupting my flow, making it take a lot longer than 30 minutes and rather upsetting my zen.


PM – 6 mile sunny lunchtime run.


AM – 2000 metre lido swim

PM – 4.5 mile evening run, I shouldn’t have done it, but the weather was too glorious to waste and I found some segments on yesterday’s run I needed to go out and grab the course record for! It was around 3 miles at 7:00 pace then I got lost and desperately needed the loo so the rest was a pathetically slow stop/start jog/walk. 

Saturday/Sunday: Trail Attack, 24hr team relay with the goal of completing as many cross country 10km laps in 24 hours as possible. 
Last year we had 4 team members: Naomi, Dan, Steve and myself. We ran 23 laps with two team mates completing 5 each, one doing 6, and I did 7. I uploaded a blog on this race at the time. Here we are:

 This year, we planned to return with the same team and to also have a rival team comprising the people who’d dropped out the previous year and a couple of other extras. Further last minute drop outs and rejigs meant the final line up was: our original 4 Steve, Dan, Naomi & Me plus a new team of 3 as Chris, Roland & Alan. 

Back row is The Professionals (original 4) and front 3 is The Professionals 2 (new 3). 
Chris and I went for the first leg, and I led from start to finish, coming in at 47 minutes. Chris has planned to be a bit more sensible and take it steady aiming for 50 minutes, he came in back on target in 2nd place and a couple of minutes clear of 3rd place. 

Naomi and Alun took leg 2 and were a good match at around 52 mins each so kept The Professionals and The Professionals 2 in 1st and 2nd place. 

Dan and Roland went out next, Dan coming in close to my time but the standings switching round with Roland smashing out something like 43 minutes and overtaking Dan. 

Steve went out for our team’s 4th leg with Chris going out again for a double lap kicking off our rival team’s round 2. 
Laps gradually slowed as we continued. Mine were 47, 50, 53 or thereabouts for laps 1, 2 and 3. These were all around 1 minute faster than the equivalent laps the previous year in spite of a course change resulting in approximately 2.5 times the elevation at approximately 420ft per lap compared to 160ft last year. 

I decided to go out for a double lap next in the dark as I don’t mind the dark as much as others and wanted to get a longer rest after. Lap 4 was going well and I was looking at putting in around 55 minutes, 6-7 minutes faster than last year, then at mile 4 I went flying. 

I lay on the floor stunned for a couple of minutes unsure of whether I could get back up. Poked and prodded and thought I was ok to walk so text the team to tell them to expect me in a bit sooner than I’d said as I’d be hobbling 2 miles in but not going for my second lap. I got up and doubted if I could possibly walk that 2 miles. But I got going, managing a 15 minute mile. I could have ducked under the tape and got home sooner but didn’t want to cheat and didn’t want to discount my lap and have nothing to show for the 5 miles I had done. I managed to pick it up for a jerky jog for the last kilometre and reduce mile 6 to an 11 minute mile, coming in to finish the lap in around 1:07. 

I got back to camp, took painkillers and used topical voltarol gel, iced, elevated and taped and got into my sleeping bag. I was hoping that after a few hours I’d be ok to go again, and if not a few hours, at least skipping one turn I’d be ok again by morning. I started to shiver and moved my sleeping mat and bag from under the stars to inside the back of the horse lorry. When my turn was due I knew I couldn’t, and tried to settle for a few hours sleep. I got up ready for my next turn but struggled to even get back out of the lorry and knew I was done. I was absolutely gutted. I hadn’t even made it to a marathon. 

Dan also injured himself on lap 4 while Naomi and Steve put in 7 laps each bringing our total to 22. They found the one lap on, one lap off thing tough and had a couple of hours rest in the morning for breakfast. All things considered, one lap off our 23 from last year is pretty awesome. Until around 6am we were still in the lead, at which point we were overtaken by a team of 8. It’s a shame, because when I fell we were looking at completing at least 24 and probably in the region of 26-28 laps in the 24 hours, and the winning team of 8 only did 25. 

Our rival team kept going and also completed 22 laps between the 3 of them: 9 for Chris including 2 doubles, 7 for Roland, and I think 7 for Alun (but the last lap Roland and Alun were together so only counts as one).
All 7 of us “ran” (lolloped) in together for the last 20ish metres. 

All in all, another brilliant event with some brilliant team mates. The horse lorry made its return as our home for the weekend, and the addition of the chiminea was top notch!


Swim x 2 = 4600 metres

Bike = 25 mins turbo

Run x 7 = 41.5 miles

Other = 55 mins yoga


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jade Phillimore says:

    Whilst our team of 8 had minimal training,and the majority of us are only part time runners for us to come in first place with what I call an impressive 25 laps against “the professionals” is pretty amazing!! Better luck next year guys 😉


    1. Haha, by professionals we don’t mean professional runners! We’re doctors, police officers and army. Well done guys, hope you had a great weekend.


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