1-14 May Training

1-7th May

AM – Bike and run brick session. 16.5 mile bike straight into 3 mile steady run. Felt much better than yesterday. 


AM – 1900m Swim – must have faffed about a lot as I ran out of time, was supposed to be 2500m!

PM – Running club hill efforts, I met at the hill rather than going to the club and running from there. I’d planned to do around 5 efforts where I usually might do 10, and then go home but it was a long effort involving up-down-up so I just did 2 and then headed home for 3 miles total. 


AM – 20 mins weights + day 3 of my 14 day plank challenge. 

PM – Running club off road session – 6 miles, got really wet running through some very long grass and overgrown sections and got chased by a flock of sheep.


AM – 1865m lido swim 

PM – Club turbo session 50mins

Friday PM – Sunday PM: Yoga retreat – see Om Retreat blog post coming soon


AM – Eastbourne parkrun, left the yoga retreat between morning meditation and vinyasa flow, and ate breakfast before I left which I don’t normally do before parkrun, especially less than an hour before. I hadn’t planned on running this weekend as it didn’t seem to tie in with the chill out, relax and rewind ethos of a yoga retreat, but I couldn’t resist and found that Eastbourne parkrun was only a 20 minute drive away and I could fit it in without missing any scheduled activities of the retreat. I decided to start a few rows back from the start and take it easy, partly to be a bit more yogi, and partly due to my eggs on toast sitting in my stomach. It was a nice course and I finished 4th lady and a minute faster than last week in 21:47 which was a surprise. Last week I pushed as hard as I could and this week, I didn’t look at my watch for pace or time at all, and felt much more comfortable. After finishing, I was running back to the car and a Marshall said to another “she’s already gone past”, and then to me “you’re going the wrong way”. I turned around saying I’d finished and was just running home, and promptly ran straight into a bramble bush. Lacerated arms, left thigh and neck, I returned to the yoga retreat! With the run from the car to the start, and finish (via brambles) back to car, it was just under 4 miles.


AM – Short hilly run up and down a big 15% hill and along a short section of the South Downs way for just over 4 miles. Managed to get a strava segment queen (and king!) of the mountain between morning meditation and vinyasa flow. 


Swim x2 = 3765 metres

Bike x2 = 16.5 miles / 50 mins turbo 

Run x5 = 20 miles

Other = 20 mins weights, lots of planking, 8.5hrs yoga and 2hrs meditation/relaxation classes

8-14th May


AM – Working late this evening so no running club for me. Instead I did a HIIT session of 5 mins plank variations, 5 mins steady turbo, 5 mins Tabata intervals on the turbo, 5 mins plank variations, 5 mins steady turbo, 5 mins Tabata intervals on the turbo, 5 mins plank variations.


AM – 2400 metres swimming as:

WU: 300m pull buoy / 300m steady

2 x Fast interval pyramid 100/50/50/25/25/50/50/100

400m time trial 7:00

CD: 200m steady / 300m pull buoy
PM – Got stuck in work late and missed the start (and most of running club) but they were doing an out and back and I knew where so I still went and ran out until I met them coming back, then turned round and ran back with them for a pacey 3 miles. 

Wednesday: ON CALL – REST DAY


AM – Lido swim 2000 metres

PM – 1 hour Hot hatha yoga


AM – Bike commute 16 miles 

PM – Bike commute 19 miles


AM – 1 mile Lake swim at Box End Park

AM – Bedford Parkrun, again without looking at the watch and running steady, trying to avoid ridiculously overcooking it at the start. Finished in 21:59, 3rd lady.


AM – Prestwood 10km – 44:06, 2nd lady.

I signed up to this race on a whim a few days ago having found myself with an unexpected free weekend. I was pondering between Oxford Town v Gown 10km, the All Nations Triathlon at Eton Dorney, the Henley Trail Half Marathon and a few others but went for this as it was so local, and on a Sunday so I could still get in a parkrun on the Saturday. I didn’t know the route at all, and didn’t have any anticipation of a particular time but fancied getting a podium position finish. There were a couple of my clubmates there who had done it before and described a hilly first 5km and flat 5km and they weren’t wrong! I certainly didn’t pace it ‘sensibly’, the hills meaning my pace ranged from around 5:30 per mile to 10:30 per mile in the first half. I went through 5km in about 21:30 and then think I stayed fairly steady to the end. I was 2nd lady from start to finish, but thought someone said to me at 5km “she’s catching you” which helped keep me pushing on. There wasn’t actually another woman anywhere near me, just the same man on my heel almost the whole way. The sun came out, and my mood lifted after feeling really low last night. Really pleased with that result. 

PM – 28 mile bike to the top of Ivinghoe Beacon and back.


Swim x 3 = 6000 metres

Bike x 4 = 20 mins turbo + 63 miles

Run x 3 = 12 miles

Other = 1hr yoga and lots of planking


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