Back on the bike

Monday: ‘Rest’ / on-call


AM – Swimming 1 mile, mostly arms only with pull buoy


AM – Easy 3 mile run and some stretching/foam rolling

Thursday: REST


AM – Bike commute to work just under 16 miles, felt great. This was my first bike ride of 2017 and after a 14 miler in December, only my second since my half Ironman in October. Decent shower in work and then a rather classy desk breakfast.

PM – Extended bike ride home from work just over 23 miles, felt pretty good. 

39 miles for the day and they weren’t flat!

Eve – Experimented for the second time with cauliflower pizza for dinner and it was really good!


AM – Rickmansworth Parkrun

I struggled and ran slower than my first 5km, and actually even the first 10km of both Boston and London marathons. The course was quite twisty and on the 4th kilometre I couldn’t see anyone ahead of me and no one overtook me so literally didn’t see anyone for several minutes. I finished in 22:47 and 5th lady. 

AM – Hot Yoga 75 mins – a tough one today with some challenging sequences and some things just completely beyond me.

Eve – I ended up going to bed for a nap at 5pm and not waking up until 7am!


AM – 26 mile bike. I’d planned 30 miles, but set off and wasn’t feeling it at all, so decided 20 was plenty, and then really wasn’t feeling it, so thought 20km would do and turned home. But it turned out I had turned the wrong way and was cycling away from home. By the time I realised I’d righted myself, I’d extended the ride significantly and had 10 miles to go!

PM – 3 mile easy run before yoga – The first two miles were steady and felt ok, then I had a griping stomach pain and had to carefully walk/jog the last mile back to the car. 

PM – 1hr warm and restorative yoga – so good, lots of hip openers and spinal twists. 

Eve – good soak in the bath and some comfort food with a homemade chicken makhani before another early (but not quite so early) night.


Swims x 1 = 1 mile

Bikes x 3 = 65 miles

Runs x 3 = 9 miles 

Other = 2:15 yoga


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