Boston is tomorrow!


AM – Easy run around Wickford in Rhode Island, first 3.5 miles slow with mum, then picked it up a little bit for another 1.5 on my own. 

Followed by a walk of maybe 5 miles around the zoo and Providence. 


AM – 5.5 miles starting easy and building to goal marathon pace. That wasn’t what I set as the intention of the run, having planned to go just generally easy, but it just happened naturally as I started on heavy legs but then warmed up into it.

Followed by approx 4.5 mile walk from Beavertail lighthouse back to main Jamestown for lunch out in the sunshine.

Then a 90 minute sports massage in the afternoon followed by another 2.5 mile brisk walk back. 

Wednesday: REST / Meandering around Wickford, Rhode Island & travelling to Boston. Probably 3 miles walking. 


Running sightseeing around Boston with my parents. Started with 2 miles easy to the aquarium before walking around there. Then ran the freedom trail with stops at the sights, for street performers, and for icecream. So more of an interval session (veeeery slow intervals). 6.5 miles total. There’s so many places and segments I want to run while I’m here, but that’s it now. No more running til raceday.


Walked to the harbour for a whale watch boat trip; to the Boston Marathon expo to collect my number and try to resist spending a fortune on stash; and to Fenway Park for a Red Sox game. 


AM – Antigravity yoga 60mins. And a bit of walking around Boston common, the public gardens, downtown Boston and Charlestown.

Sunday: REST / Tried to do as little as possible and rest my legs after so much walking this last week or so. Spent a while lying in the sun at Bunker Hill monument at 28C reading my participant information magazine and doing a bit of stretching. Then had a mid afternoon meal of pizza with a lot of water to prehydrate as I know I never drink enough, it’s been hot today, and will be warm tomorrow.


Swim = 0

Bike = 0

Run = 17 miles 

Other = 1hr AG yoga + about 30 miles walking

That’s 573 miles so far in 2017, 573 miles and 15 weeks focused on Boston. Just one sleep to go.


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  1. Dr G please write up a post about Boston and how the race went for the newbies wanting to do Boston soon! Thanks


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