Just touched down in Boston town…

PM – 8 mile “easy” run in the sunshine. Except it didn’t feel easy. I kept slowing up but that didn’t seem to help. Then a quick, stretch, shower and stroll to running club and back for our London Marathon team photo, but no club run for me today.

Tuesday: REST / On-call

PM – Steady 10 mile run out and back with a negative split and a push for miles 6 and 8 running faster around 10km pace. My elevation profile looked like Batman…

Also got my Boston marathon manicure today!

PM – Lido swim in the sun – 2000 metres

PM – Hot yoga for sport – 60 mins 

PM – Club run, half off road, a bit faster than I’d planned. Managed to do 6.5 miles at around marathon PB pace, then stomach complaints stopped me in my tracks and I walked the last half mile back to the club house before panic packing!

AM – Crawley Parkrun 21:19 plus trot back to the car for a carpark change and dash to Gatwick to fly to Boston! Crawley parkrun was really lovely and very well organised but certainly not flat. I was 1st in my age group, 3rd female out of 246, and 18/554 overall. 

AM – Barre class at Studio Barre in Rhode Island. It was really fun and it burned! It felt really beneficial, incorporating a lot of the small movements activating and engaging my glutes and core that I usually do for my strength and conditioning sessions as recommended by a physiotherapist and chiropractor as well as from my own reading specific to my weaknesses and injuries, so I think it would be really complimentary to my running training to do more often if it were available near me. Because who has the commitment to do their Physio exercises for a full hour? But this was fun! 

Followed it up with around a 6 mile walk around Newport, round Easton Lake, along Easton Beach, taking in the Cliff Walk and then through Salve Regina University campus to the Wharf for lunch. Then, fell asleep before 6pm, perhaps sleepy from the fresh air, but probably still a tad jet lagged!


Swim – 2000 metres

Bike – Nada

Run – 28 miles

Other – 60 mins hot yoga + 60 mins barre


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