Swansea Bay Parkrun & Cardiff Bay 10km

PM – Running club loop run – steady 6.5miles plus there/back for 8.3 miles total, and made it to a round 500miles for 2017.

AM – 2600 metre lido swim (33.3m pool)

  • 8 lengths WU pull buoy
  • 10 x 4steady/2fast
  • 10 lengths CD pull buoy

PM – Running club flat pyramid efforts – 400m, 800m, 1200m, 1200m, 1200m, 800m, 400m / 90 secs recovery plus warm-up and cool-down for 8.2 miles total. 
The 400m laps ranged from 1:29-1:41. Last time I did the session in January, I didn’t do the middle 1200m (it’s actually meant to be a 1600m) and range was 1:31-1:46 so a decent improvement. And the other time I’ve done reps there was October with 1:28-1:34s but they were all single laps of 400m. 

AM – Strength and conditioning 20 mins. All foam rolling, clams, core and glutes. Not a weight in sight today.
PM – Easy 6 mile buddy run.

Thursday: REST

AM – 1x400m! Haha, I was walking to the chipshop and came across a sort of oval shaped bit of tarmac in a dip so I ran around to measure it. Pretty much bang on a 400m track, only issue is about 50 metres is a lumpy, sandy, grassy section.

PM – Weird yoga class, far too much talking and pseudoscience and too little yoga. It was a 60 minute class but we didn’t really start for 10, then added 10 minutes shivasana to the end.

AM – Swansea Bay Parkrun – 20:28.

I really thought I was going to go sub 20 so was a bit miffed I didn’t, but then scrolling back through my times it’s my best since July 2015 when I was 1 second faster. In the few months before then I ran my bests from 19:19 track to 19:46 road to 19:59 parkrun best, as well as my 10km PB of 40:20, my half marathon of 1:28:32, my (then PB) marathon of 3:17:26, and (then 2nd best) of 3:22, and the Marathon des Sables. Those were the days! I was surprised how long it had been since I’d run that kind of time, I’d come close a few times, but I’ve also done hilly cross country courses, and had two stints off running with injury. So overall pretty chuffed with that. Then I had a paddle in the sea as an ‘icebath’ to refresh the legs for Sunday’s 10km race. 

AM – Cardiff Bay 10k 42:02

10km is not my favourite distance and I don’t do many. Last one was August 2016 at my club handicap, and then 1 year and 1 week prior to that in my club’s actual race before I joined them. This was my 13th 10km race (compared to around 40-50 marathons and ultras and approximately 100 5kms). But it went really well! My third best time, and like yesterday, my fastest since May 2015 when I did my best two times (40:20 and 41:26). Today I placed 19th female out of 2936 (top 0.6%) and 181/5118 overall (top 3.5%). Also, how good is to see more women than men?!

PM – 3 mile recovery/shakeout run including a short sprint to reclaim a strava segment I lost a few weeks ago, taking my best effort of 37s past their 35s to do it in 30s! Sorted 😉


Swim = 2600 metres

Bike = Nada

Run = 35 miles 

Other = 1hr yoga, 20mins S&C


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