3 weeks til Boston

Monday:AM – 35 mins strength and conditioning, some deadlifts/back/triceps/shoulders with weights but mostly bridges, clams, banded glutes, dorsal raises, pressups, ankle mobility/stability, and core work. And I started with lots of movement prep, mobilisation and foam rolling. A lot crammed into a short time!
PM – Sports massage – quads were tight, but the worst bit was anterior deltoids and upper chest – excruciating!


AM – 2500metre Swim.
PM – Running club efforts – I left late and ran from home to the efforts so did a steady 3 mile warm up but missed the first 2 reps, then 8×1/4 mile efforts with 1 minute recovery, and an easy 2.5 mile cool down for 7.6 miles total. 


AM – 15 mins strength and conditioning including more clams, bridges and foam rolling, and some squats / single leg deadlifts. 
PM – 7.5 miles easy running 

Thursday: (on call shift)

15 mins strength and conditioning with squats, lunges, biceps and abs.

Friday: REST DAY

Saturday: REST DAY / (on call shift)

Basically 3 rest days in a row. This wasn’t my intention but I was so tired Thursday morning, I skipped swimming for a lie in before my on call. My on-call shift ended in the worst way, and I was there very late. I didn’t sleep Thursday night so didn’t get my swim in Friday morning either, then fell asleep on the sofa missing my evening running club session too. Saturday was a planned rest day and another on call shift.


AM – Gade 20 – went really well. I had planned to do the 17 miler 4 weeks back at 8:00/mile and this one at 7:45/mile, but the 17 ended up being 8:15 pace. The course was hillier than I though and after the week I’ve had and a terrible half marathon last week, I was hoping to match last time with 8:15s. I chose not to start with my club mate who I ended up switching positions back and for and racing last time, but I felt good. I got him at 3.5 miles and lost him at about 4.5 miles, though he wasn’t far behind me at the finish. The sunshine helped, the fact that the towpath was drier helped, and it was also motivating to have started further back so I could overtake people the whole way rather than being overtaken. I could break the race down into just catching the next person ahead of me. I finished almost exactly on 7:45/mile pace if I don’t count my 1.3 miles extra jogging to the start from the car, and back to the car at the end as it was 7:51 including that with 1000 feet of ascent. And the first 13.1 was only 2 mins off last week in spite of the hills, and felt much more comfortable. It was a good confidence boost, which I needed after Hampton Court Palace Half. It seems the enforced rest days did my good, rest is good for you, who’da thunk!

PM – Hot Yin yoga 75 mins. 


Run – 36.5 miles

Bike – still nothing

Swim – 2500 metres

Other – 65 mins S&C, 75 mins yoga


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