1 month left / Hampton Half


PM – Club Loop Run – ran from home to clubhouse, but peeled off early to run home. 7 miles medium hard (average pace 7:54/mile)


PM – Club hill efforts session. I did 11 reps ranging from 1:05-1:17. I’ve done the session twice before in August when I did 8 reps ranging 1:19-1:32 and November 9 reps 1:10-1:23 so I’m pleased with that as decent improvement even if the 1:05 was just me being stupid on the 2nd rep to sprint past someone and knew I couldn’t hold it. Excluding that one they were 1:12-1:17 so nice and consistent. 


PM – 3 miles easy, 3 miles hard, 3 miles easy. It was sunny and beautiful at the start of my run, allowing me to wear shorts and a vest and putting me in a great mood. Plan was to run the middle 3 miles at marathon pace. I listened to an audiobook for my warm up, and turned down a road I hadn’t been before to explore a new place, then tucked my phone and headphones away for the next bit. Mile 1 of the effort was fast, then I came upon a style, and I was about to turn around when I thought “what the heck?” and went off road. Miles 2 and 3 of the effort (and the first of the 3 miles recovery) were therefore across fields and so even though the effort was fairly consistently hard, the pace wasn’t particularly fast or consistent. I did also have to stop to rescue my shoe from the mud at one point, and can’t say I wasn’t lost! It was just one of those runs where everything clicked. I really enjoyed it, so that’s 3 good runs in a row. 

Thursday: REST DAY


AM – 2000metre lido swim, mostly pull to rest the legs. Wore my goggle marks to work with pride!


AM 1 – St Albans Parkrun – felt tough. It was faster than last time but same as my last parkrun and same as my planned pace for Sunday….

AM 2 – Hot yoga 75 mins.

Followed by a brunch, a manicure and some baked goodies!


AM – Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon – started out with Alan, too fast as usual. But he almost maintained it and I bonked big time. I managed the first 5km faster than yesterday with a tailwind then struggled with the next couple into a headwind. I stopped just before mile 7 to take on water, then again around mile 9 for a gel (which I never do), then for a wee, then again around mile 10 to down a bottle of water before turning onto grass and back into a strong headwind to the finish. I faded badly. I couldn’t maintain goal marathon pace let alone goal half marathon pace. I scrapped my planned 2.5 mile cool down run and have been sulking since. 

Results say still 29/1841 women and 235/3289 though so not too bad in the grand scheme of things. 

PM – Warm and restorative yoga 60 min.


Run: 38 miles

Bike: 0

Swim: 2000m

Other: 2:15 yoga

A good first half of the week and a sucky second half. 


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  1. Who is that CUTE dog????


    1. Belongs to a friend of a friend. She is on Instagram as @gwynverysmall


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