7 weeks out / Newport half

Bit of a strange training week. Due to work and social (yes, social!) life I moved my Tuesday and Thursday morning swims to Monday and Friday and my tempo run to Wednesday from Thursday on my plan. 

But then I ended up getting in what I thought was to be a bonus Tuesday swim anyway so didn’t go very far or fast and chatted lots. And come Tuesday afternoon my ankle started giving way and behaving badly so I skipped running club. I then calculated backwards from the time I had to leave to go out Wednesday and realised I couldn’t fit in 9 miles as planned but 4 max so decided to postpone until Thursday morning, though I kept switching between planning to go at 10pm Wednesday after the concert and 5:45am Thursday. I ended up going at 6am on Thursday and ankle still feeling odd, I cut it short and switched from tempo to easy miles. Then had way too much to get done Friday morning after a late night Thursday, that my weights session and 2nd (3rd swim) got ditched.  

I know this is excuse after excuse after excuse and there are no excuses. I do feel guilty and scared about not following the plan (this is my plan, no coach, nothing official), but on the other hand, it was a planned deload week and I have to look after myself. 
February ended on 167 miles, with 350 so far for the year.

And March brings…. the Boston shoes! I can’t believe the self restraint I’ve exercised having these since September and not getting them out of the box. Fresh new shoes for Parkrun and the Newport half marathon.


AM – 2500 metres swimming

PM – Running club Loop Run. We did 6.3 miles and gradually (I’m not sure intentionally) got faster and faster going from about 8:25 pace for the first mile to 7:45 for the last and 6:35 for the last 0.3. I felt strong considering yesterday’s 17 and really pleased to be able to pull a sprint finish out of the bag.


AM – 1800 metre lido swim with much chatting 

Wednesday: REST DAY


AM – 6 miles easy

Friday: REST DAY


AM – Porthcawl Parkrun in 21:35, finishing 2nd lady. I was just about to overtake my nemesis at 4km and she dropped out! I then looped back to bring mum into the finish, then both looped back to being dad into the finish for 4 miles total.


Newport Half Marathon in 1:36 (9th female). I had hoped to do it at goal marathon pace (not that that would be a pace comfortable for me to carry on to the full distance today, but I’ve got some time to go), but then there’s always the thought of wanting an actual half marathon PB, and my PB (1:28:32) was at this race two years ago when I came 4th (that time would have got me 2nd this year and even two minutes faster today would have got me 4th but a bunch of us finished close together). I knew I’d be nowhere near but would have liked a 1:33ish. I couldn’t maintain it though, and the 1:35 guy passed me. I did however end up finishing pretty much bang on the 7:15/mile average though, which was the original plan. It’s also pretty much exactly the time I did this time last year in the lead up to my marathon PB, so I’m happy with that. Then I added a 2 mile cool down until mum finished. 


Swim = 4300 metres

Bike = 0

Run = 31.5 miles

Other = nothing, no weights, no yoga, poor effort 


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