8 weeks to Boston


AM – Straight from work after my 3rd of 3 nightshifts, I went to see a chiropractor. I have to say, I’m a sceptic. But sometimes feel like my sacro-iliac joint just needs a good click when my piriformis is tight and causing pain in that area, so in the name of science, I thought I’d give it a go. However, by the end of three night shifts and minimal driving/sitting on my backside plus a nice Sunday race, my piriformis seemed to have decided to play ball and I was pain free….from that point of view. Before my shift yesterday evening, I woke up in pain almost everywhere else: neck, chest, ribs, shoulders, back, wrists, fingers! So that complicated matters and I was feeling mighty delicate. Anyway, her assessment seemed to make sense, bit of clicking was satisfying, and she recommended some sensible exercises. 

PM – I had planned running club tonight, and a medium long run tomorrow then dinner with my cousin tomorrow evening but my cousin had to call off dinner for work and I skipped running club due to being under the weather and post-manipulation. 


AM – 2000metres swim, and since I’ve got the day off, I walked to the pool and back.

AM – 7.7 mile run, mostly easy but targeted 3 strava segments making it a fartlek run. I got the course records on 2 of the 3 and missed the last by 7 seconds having stopped for a lorry at a road crossing. One of them annoyingly shows on my strava activity as 2nd because the leaderboard was topped by someone who apparently cracked out a 1:28 pace for it during a 9:15 paced run, yeah right. Now she’s off, I’m top when you actually click into the leaderboard. Petty? Perhaps. But looking at the map and making a route to take in a few selected segments is making my runs more varied and interesting and pushing some speed out of my legs. 

PM – Running club reversal run – 6.3 miles to reach 14 total for the day and tip over the 300 mile mark for 2017 so far.


PM – Good solid run, 1 mile easy, 7.3 miles moderate pace (I accidentally paused my watch and wanted to make sure I did 7 so turns out I went over), 1.2 miles easy for 9.5 miles total. 


PM – 1 hour Triathlon club Turbo session focusing on cadence.


AM – 2000 metre Lido swim 

PM – Running club – 10km tempo run


AM – Watford Parkrun in 21:49 plus ran there and back for 6.7 miles total. I’m still almost 2 minutes off my Parkrun PB and 2:30 off my 5km PB, but I was 4th lady out of 199 and 44/433 overall, so not half bad.

AM – 75 mins Hot Hatha yoga. 

Followed by lunch and manicures with the BFF for a girly recovery.


AM – Gade Valley Harriers 17 mile marathon training run. When asked what pace I was going to do on Friday, I hadn’t thought about it, so picked 8:00 out of thin air and went with it. I hadn’t envisaged quite so much slip sliding on the towpath or quite such hilly hills so came in just behind that arbitrary target. Pretty pleased with that though.

Nice bath and roast for today’s recovery!


10 sessions

Run = 53.5 miles 

Bike = 1 hour turbo

Swim = 4000 metres

Other = 75 mins yoga, 1 chiro, no weights, 1 x rest day

A solid week of training which I’m quite pleased with, deload next week with a half marathon effort on Sunday. 


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