9 weeks til Boston

Another week in training complete:

AM – 20 mins weights
PM – Running club – 6.3 miles steady ~8:00-8:30/mile

Lunch – 1730 metres swim at Wycombe Lido, all I had time for today working in Oxford in the morning and Wycombe in the afternoon.
PM – Running club efforts. Easy run to the club, then with everyone to the start. Did 10 x efforts of downhill, flat, uphill; recovering on the top flat. They felt like loooong efforts and too short recoveries, so I walked one recovery. Then easy run home for a total of 7.2 miles.

Wednesday: REST DAY

AM – 2670 metres lido swim.


AM – 11 easy-ish miles in the sunshine! Pushed for 2x1km efforts after about 4 miles warm up and 1x2km effort when I got to 7 miles to pick up some Strava segment crowns. Then back to bed before my night shift.

AM – 40 mins weights

AM – Hardwick X-Stream cross country race – 5.85 miles in 46:10, that’s 2:13 faster than last year. But where last year I was 3rd lady overall and first back from my club, this year I was 3rd from the club, and overall 10th. I think what matters though is the main goal of Boston, and for that being faster this year is far more important than comparing myself to a different field as a benchmark. (Even if conditions seemed to be rather better in that most people ran faster including the two Bearbrook ladies who beat me going 6 and 9 minutes faster than last year!!)

I went to bed after the race to sleep before my night shift and woke up in a world of pain: neck, back, shoulders, chest, wrists, fingers, basically everything but my legs. I don’t know if I was holding a lot of tension when running or if I landed awkwardly when slipping off the style and it’s muscular but I feel like I took a significant fall/beating. I’m guessing it’s a combination of that and coming down with a virus, so may need to hold off on Monday’s training.

Run = 30.5 miles
Bike = 0
Swim = 4400 metres
Other = 1hr weights


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  1. DrJuliet says:

    Hi Laura, Hat off to you fitting this in amongst your work. I’m heading to Boston too, very excited, it’s going to be a special year there. Best of luck for the next few weeks. Let’s hope the storms stay away! Juliet

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    1. Thankyou, good luck to you too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. its ok to have a bad week every now and then and I do it too sometimes

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I’m probably having fewer than normal and being more consistent than ever which is why the bad sessions and skipped sessions stand out.


      1. I try to be consistent too but it doesn’t always happen


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