Simply Cook Review 

Simply Cook, unlike Gousto and Hello Fresh, just contains 3 spice pots/mixes/pastes per recipe, in a box for 4 recipes and fits through a standard letterbox. The Fresh/store cupboard items need to be bought separately, but the recipe cards still encourage a more adventurous culinary repertoire; and also the pots keep longer than a full recipe box including fresh meat and vegetables. 

Meal 1 was a Thai green curry. I used prawns and added zero noodles to bulk it out without adding calories. 

Meal 2 was Bokkeumbap, a kimchi flavoured rice dish with a mixture of veggies from the freezer and topped with a fried egg.

Meal 3 was a Malaysian chicken Laksa. Yum yum. 

Meal 4 was BBQ tandoori chicken with spiced sweet potato wedges and salad. The chicken was juicy and full of flavour even though I’m not usually a fan of barbecue flavouring.

Short but sweet review today. It was good, and the spice pots and pastes keep in the cupboard for weeks so they’re good to fill in the gaps between Gousto/Hello Fresh boxes. But also to spice things up if you’d rather not stick to an exact recipe and switch up your meats or veggies compared to a standard recipe box.


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