Protein Powder Recipes

There are many reasons people use protein supplements. Lots would say all your nutritional needs are better met by consuming “real food”; meat, fish, dairy, pulses. On the other hand, many body builders wouldn’t be seen dead without their maximuscle shake in hand. Some people struggle to eat enough to *meat* their energy requirements (pun intended). Now that certainly is not me, I will eat more than enough given half the chance. However, I rarely go without dessert, so if I can stick some protein in or make a “healthier” alternative, I might as well. 

I’m not saying protein powder is for you, or by any means declaring any of these recipes healthy, but after a discussion with friends about our favourite protein recipes the other day, I thought I’d share some of mine. 

I say ‘recipes’, but I very rarely stick to a recipe or measure/weigh my ingredients, so really they’re just ideas which I use by trial and error and sometimes they turn out great, othertimes less so. No guarantees guys!

#1 The shake

My shakes aren’t protein powder and water in a shaker. They’re indulgent delicious desserts.

-The base is usually coconut milk. 

-Sometimes I add a banana, sometimes not.

-Then there’s the protein powder, usually chocolate or vanilla, but sometimes strawberry.

-With strawberry or vanilla powder, I add a couple of handfuls of frozen fruit, like raspberries, pineapple, and mango. Sometimes spinach, kale or broccoli for a green smoothie.

-With vanilla powder, I sometimes add an effervescent coconut electrolyte tablet, and frozen pineapple so it’s just like a piña colada.

-With chocolate protein powder, I use ice rather than frozen fruit and might add peanut butter, cacao nibs, chocshot low calorie chocolate sauce, or as a real treat nutella.

-If I’m feeling really indulgent, a scoop of icecream really tops it off.

And whizz it up!

#2 The Mugcake

Again, there’s the chocolatey version and the vanilla version.

-Sometimes I use porridge oats, sometimes not.

-Sometimes I use a bit of flour, sometimes coconut flour, sometimes not.

-Sometimes cacao powder.

-Half a scoop of protein powder.

-1 egg or a few egg whites.

-Splash of milk.

-Sometimes a splash of vanilla essence/orange essence.

-Sometimes chopped raisins/dates/prunes/nuts.

-Sometimes grated carrot with the vanilla powder, vanilla essence and dried fruit for a carrot cakey pudding.

-Sometimes cacao nibs or sweetened chocolate chips.

-Sometimes Nutella and/or peanut butter.

Mix it up and microwave for a minute or until risen well above the top of the cup.

One of the cakes pictured below was actually baked in the oven rather than microwaved, they’re a bit like brownies with little bite size bits of bounty pushed into the middle, and served with coconut icecream. 

#3 Pancakes

Oats + protein powder + egg + splash of milk mixed a hand blended.

Fry in a pan and serve topped with fruit, nuts, seeds, dessicated coconut, honey, peanut butter, Nutella or a low calorie alternative.

#4 Balls

Protein powder, coconut oil, peanut butter, cacao nibs, chia seeds, cacao powder, possibly dried fruit or chopped nuts.

Mix it all up and roll in chopped nuts (shown with pistachios), dessicated coconut (as below), chia seeds, or cacao powder. Set in the freezer and depending on how long you leave them in there, get out to defrost before eating. 

#5 Proats (protein oats)

I always make my porridge in the microwave with rolled oats and water only rather than milk. Then stir in honey, peanut butter or Nutella, and add any toppings I fancy. For the protein version, I add half a scoop of protein before microwaving and sometimes an egg or some egg whites.

#6 Nicecream

I’ve tried a few variations, but generally some combination of cottage cheese, protein powder, a splash of milk, xantham gum, and maybe yoghurt does the job, plus whatever additions I fancy. 

Stir it regularly while freezing. It goes really hard so needs time to defrost, or time to eat but at least that way it lasts longer! Because of this, I freeze it in small bowls for individual portions. 

For an instant, less icy and creamier version, I use frozen fruit or ice, blend it and eat straight away. 

I’ve recently been given an icecream maker as a leaving present so excited to try all sorts of new ideas!

#7 Ice lollies

Coconut milk, vanilla protein powder and an effervescent coconut electrolyte tablet. Whiz up and pour into ice lolly moulds. For the lollies below, I put some sauce in first – half strawberry and half Chocshot. The chocshot didn’t freeze properly but the strawberry version was delicious!


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