10 weeks to Boston 

AM: 20 mins strength and conditioning
PM: Running club – short sharp efforts.

Did approx 1.5 mile WU then 5×0.5 mile efforts with 45 seconds rest and 2.5 mile CD for a total of 6.5 miles. The 0.5 mile efforts were:

1. 1 lamppost on, 1 lamppost off

2. 2 lampposts on, 1 lamppost off

3. 0.5mile full effort

4. 2 lampposts on, 1 lamppost off

5. 1 lamppost on, 1 lamppost off.

Great session, I really enjoyed myself and felt strong once I got over the horrible cold, wet, rainyness of it all. I’ve washed the T-shirt I wore twice at 60 degrees and there’s still mud splattered up the back!  But so cold, hungry and tired afterwards I wolfed down a quick bowl of rice, tuna, egg and soy sauce and a mug of hot chocolate instead of cooking my planned meal. 


AM: 2500 metres swimming.

PM: Running club – another flat efforts session of 6x500metres with 1 minute rest. I ran to the start of the efforts and back from home rather than going to the club first for a total of 4 miles.


AM: 40 mins strength and conditioning.

Evening: Skype Coaching session including positive visualisation and focus on Boston marathon. Then in the night I had a nightmare about a marathon where everything went wrong. Hmm…


No swimming as had to travel for work and couldn’t go earlier as the pool doesn’t open any earlier.

PM: Plan was 1 mile warm up, 6 miles tempo, 1 mile cool down. Too much driving this week and 9-5 sitting in seminars today meant my back was in bits. I went wrong for my warm up and ended up running on the grass verge next to a pitch black road so super slow. Then I just couldn’t hit pace and was having gut issues. So I ignored the pace and managed the mileage but not the speed. 8.2 miles done. So frustrating. 

Friday: REST DAY / on-call at work


AM: 1:15 Hot Hatha yoga. 

PM: Cross country – final chiltern league race of the season at Campbell Park in Milton Keynes = 3.3 miles. My lace came undone 1 mile in, and I had to make the call whether to stop and re-tie and push on. I pushed on. The heel of my shoe pulled off a couple of times and my laces were flapping, probably slowing me marginally, but I was 36 seconds faster than last year and 38th out of 193 women. 


AM: Long run. I did 16 miles at 0 degrees and 96% humidity haha. The actual snow stopped just before I went out and it was just a drizzle frizz fest. It was slower than last week at 8:59/mile average, which is more than the 1:00-1:30 below race pace I aim for on long runs. But I try not to focus on pace on my log runs at all, instead taking it as time on my feet and distance in the legs. It was steady and comfortable today with no niggles, no GI issues, no cardiovascular or respiratory fatigue, and I took a hydration pack, so no stop to buy a drink. All in all, not bad. Next weekend I’m working nights so it’s been designated a cut-back week for my mileage. 

Lunch in the bath as standard post-long run recovery…

PM: Run, hot yoga and dinner with my BFF. We planned (last minute) to do an easy 4 miles before yoga. We got lost, we ended up doing 5.5 with a sprint finish worried we wouldn’t be allowed in to yoga because we were late and Maddie puked. Yoga was great though. 


Run = 43.5 miles

Bike = Still zero

Swim = 2500 metres

Other = 1 hour weights, 2.5 hours yoga


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