11 weeks til Boston

Monday:I had planned a rest day but my legs felt good so I wanted to go to running club. However, I ended up leaving work too late to make it to, so took it as a rest day after all.


AM – 2500 metre swim at Aquavale.

PM – 90 mins hot yoga at Sweat Studios.
I also did some spring cleaning and organising and found a ridiculous number of safety pins grouped into 4s!


PM – My plan was 5 mile tempo plus warm-up and cool-down, but I wasn’t feeling too motivated to push myself, so instead joined Bearbrook RC for a 6.7 mile off road club run in Wendover Woods. Big hill, incredibly muddy and slippery, lost a shoe in a bog and a club-mate had to retrieve it! My ankle felt painful, not in a good way, so I think I need to go back to solid ground for a bit, better specific training for road marathons anyway.


AM – 2000 metre swim at Wycombe Rye Lido.

PM – Sports massage.


PM – Running club – 7.6 miles temp plus ran there and back from home as a warm up and cool down for 9.3 miles total.


AM – St Albans Parkrun in 22:00, plus a little warm up to make it to 3.5 miles. Had planned to run from yoga studio to Parkrun and back as a warmup and cooldown for 10km total, but parking issues spoiled that plan. Followed up with 75 mins Hot Hatha Yoga.

In the evening, I went to Bearbrook Running Club’s presentation evening and picked up the award for fastest female at the club’s handicap 10km race back in August. 


Having prepared for an evening out with a nap, and drinking 3 diet cokes during the evening, despite getting home at 00:30, I couldn’t sleep til 3am so even though I was wide awake by 8am, I thought it sensible my long run was delayed a bit to allow my body a decent rest. 

PM – My plan was 14 miles at ~8:30/mile and the run I had in my head came out to exactly 14 miles (wahoo), executed at 8:14 pace (double wahoo!)


Swim = 4500 metres.

Bike = 0.

Run = 33.5 miles

Other = 2:45 hot yoga.

Weights = lacking.


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