Sweat Studios Review

Sweat Studios, Milton Keynes
I signed up for the unlimited yoga for 30 days intro offer. The catch turns out to be it’s not unlimited. Maximum of one class a day. I discovered this only on encountering difficulties booking and was told that “on the intro offer you can only book one per day”. So I turned up, hoping to stay on for a second class anyway, but when I asked, was told “the only limitation for the unlimited offer is that you can only do one class a day”. Then admitted it’s not written or advertised as such but “it’s something we try to make everyone aware of”… *after* they’ve bought it! Generally would be fine for most people, but it’s a good 1:30-2hour round trip for me, and unlike most yoga studios I’ve been to where classes average 75 minutes (range 60-90), here there are a lot of 45 minute classes, which isn’t really worth almost 3 hours of my time, and I’d planned to do 2 back to back half as frequently. Not a good start.

Anyway, my first class was a Monday lunchtime 45 minute slow flow class which I really enjoyed. 
I then attended Wednesday evening classic hot 60 and Saturday morning classic hot 90, which were basically Bikram but without two of the bits I really hate (breathing and pushing my neck into hyperextension at the start, and lying on my arms near the end). Flipping in and out of shivasana remained though. Annoying. I did go to another Wednesday evening classic 60 though, as despite it not being really my bag, it is powerful and a good workout. 

I also tried a Tuesday morning Pilates classes, not my thing but for different reasons. I can see the benefit, but it can be done anywhere and doesn’t require me travelling all the way to Milton Keynes if it’s not for the hot studio. 

Monday evening Flex & Restore was nice. It was reminiscent of the Yin Yoga I’ve talked about before in my review on Feel Hot Yoga Studios. It began with a meditative 5-10 minutes then 5-10 minutes of alternate nostril breathing, followed by floor based poses held for 3-5 minutes each; good hip openers, forward folds and back bends, all using a bolster for support and assistance.

Finally, I went to two “Sunday Specials”, 2 hour classes which I paid a £5 supplement each for, and would be £20 for a drop in price. 

The first was Mindfulness. This was a class explaining the concept of mindfulness, some readings, and some ways to incorporate into regular everyday life, with a series of 5 guided meditations from 30 seconds to 20 minutes. I will admit to falling asleep. I always have done trying meditation at home using Headspace, but if nothing else it’s relaxing and a good remedy for insomnia!

The second was Rest, Renew, Restore. This was 1 hour of restorative yoga – around 6×10 minute poses, again I let out the occasional snore… Then 1 hour of yoga nidra aka yogic sleep. Yes, I paid to sleep in a row with 20 other people! 

In summary, interesting range of classes especially the Sunday specials; a nice clean studio and changing rooms; mats provided and laid out in advance ensuring even spacing and no clashing limbs! And really excellent teachers who constantly cue postural adjustments. 

Recommended to anyone living in the Milton Keynes area. 

PS: I recently treated myself to a new yoga towel which looks like sandunes, to remind me of MDS, which is why I started doing hot yoga in the first place. 


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