13 weeks til Boston


PM – Running club reversal run: Half mile warm up, 2 mile run out in 17:30, 2 mile run back in ~15:00, half mile cool down for 5 miles total. 


I did a late ambulance observer shift today so doubled up my morning session.

AM – 3000 metre swim and 60 mins Pilates 


After a late night last night, I just had a meeting this morning then some free time before going into work this afternoon.

10:30 AM: I had 4 mile tempo on my plan (self made) but essentially did 6 mile tempo on Friday and did a reversal run Monday so I mixed it up a little bit and did 0.5 mile warm up, 2×2 miles at marathon pace with 2mins recovery, and 0.5 mile cool down. It’s hard to work out my splits for the efforts because I didn’t do a whole mile warm up but I think the 2nd was faster than the 1st, one around PB marathon pace, and one slightly faster than goal marathon pace. I was quite pleased with the session, but they were hard efforts, and above Marathon “effort” by feel. So I’ve got quite a way to go! 

PM: 40 mins strength and conditioning with TRX and weights. 


Sports massage this morning before work and my leaving do in the evening straight after so didn’t get a training session in, but I did borrow a dog and took it for a 90 minute walk at lunchtime in my heels. 


PM – Running club, went for the slightly longer route this week, doing 7.6 miles in just under an hour. 

Saturday REST DAY

I went to The Adventure Show at Kensington Olympia and then met friends for a birthday dinner and drinks. 


PM – Long run. This time instead of stepping up from 12 to 14, I dropped back down to 10. There were 3 reasons: Early morning and late night yesterday meant I wanted a lie in this morning; I had a sore throat/headache/felt feverish; and I have a big mileage week next week. 

PM – Rest, renew and restore Sunday special at Sweat Studios, Milton Keynes. This involved an hour of restorative yoga then an hour of yogic sleep.


Running=27.6 miles



Other=40 mins weights / 1 Pilates / 1 yoga


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