100 days til Boston

The start of this week marked 100 days until the Boston marathon and the week also began our 100 day til London Marathon countdown too. 

The week didn’t get off to a good start. I struggled to drag myself out of bed so only had 20 mins instead of 30 for my weights session. But as soon as I started, I could tell my stomach wasn’t happy. I think a tad too much chilli in my dinner last night, so after just 10 minutes of foam rolling and light single leg deadlifts, I gave up. By the end of the day at work, I wasn’t feel any better so cancelled my evening yoga class. After catching up on some very much overdue household chores, I got an early night, not wanting to miss swimming the next day.

Dinner was pretty delish though – Malaysian style crab curry!


AM: 2400 metre swim.

PM: 5 mins foam rolling then running club. The session was 5km time trial so it worked well to use for my planned 3 mile tempo run this week. We did 1 mile warm up, then I did 3 miles at goal marathon pace, (which scarily also happens to be my best 5km time in a couple of months – lots of work to do), then a 1 mile cool down for 5 miles total.


AM: 25 mins weights in my home gym. Supersetted everything to fit in as much as possible. 

PM: 3 mile easy run. 


AM: 2400 metre swim. 

PM: 60 mins hot yoga.


PM: 15 mins S&C. I made the most of gaps during my day with banded glute work to help my piriformis syndrome which is flaring up again; ankle mobility/stability drills; and rolling my plantar fascia. 

Eve: Running club – my first time going to a Friday night session, having always felt a tad intimidated in the past, hearing it’s a bit of an overly competitive boys club. But it was good – 10km in the bag at 7:40 pace.


PM: Chiltern League Cross Country at Keysoe Equestrian Centre. I was told it was 5km on the nose so overcooked it a bit considering it turned out to be around 6.5km! Quite a flat 2 lap course (3 for the men), with an approx 15 metre long water dip each lap. I felt quite strong and finished 3/10 in my club and 48/184 overall with 3.7 miles in the bank. It was a fun race with the top 5 finishers from my club all within 50 seconds of each other so lots of friendly competition and chasing down on the way around. And a great club turnout with 10 in the men’s race too.


AM: Long run – 12 miles road run at a steady pace with blasting music in my ears, bit wet, but I enjoyed it. 

PM: 2 hour mindfulness and meditation class at Sweat studios, Milton Keynes. 


Swim = 4800 metres

Bike = 0

Run = 30 miles 

Other = 1hr S&C, 1hr hot yoga
And another two weeks in Gousto food heaven:


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