Boston training a-go-go

15 weeks til Boston…

AM: 45 minute slow flow yoga class at Milton Keynes’ Sweat Studios. Review to come.
Lunch: 30 mins weights at home – mostly upper body. 
Eve: 5.2 mile steady club run.

AM: 1800m swim.
PM: Running club speed session. Pyramid session of 400/800/1200/1200/800/400 metres on the slip road with 90 seconds recovery, plus warm-up and cool-down for a total of 5.3miles. Fastest lap in 1:31 and slowest in 1:36. Previous session on the same segment was 12x400m/60 secs rest in October and times were 1:28-1:34 so I’m quite pleased with the 400s today. 

AM: 30 mins weights – mostly lower body. 
PM: 60 mins hot yoga.

AM: 2000m swim.
PM: Sports massage. 

Friday: Rest day. Bit of foam rolling and stretching in the evening with my new proper foam foam roller. I felt like maybe my grid roller was too hard and my muscles were struggling to relax into it at times making things worse rather than better so I bought a softer one which will also be better for my back. 

AM: 90 mins hot yoga at Sweat studios.
PM: Bucks, Beds and Oxon cross country county championships, a muddy 5 miler at Stowe. Our team came 4th in Buckinghamshire and I was 20th out of 41. The results are published by county and this was bucks/Beds/oxon combined champs so the race was actually much bigger than 41 runners. 


AM: On the schedule today, was my first marathon training long run of 10 miles. My club tend to do a 10 mile off road run on Sundays so I joined them for a very muddy social run. 

PM: Later, I’ll be meeting my friend for 75 mins “Yin yoga” at Feel Hot, Watford. It is the ultimate in relaxation once I get past my competitive nature and stop worrying about my complete lack of flexibility!


12 sessions + sports massage 

Swim = 3800m

Bike = 0

Run = 25.5 miles

S&C = 1hr weights / 4.5hrs yoga


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