Looking back and looking forward 

Looking back on 2016…

No, not a list of celebrities who’ve died, or a Brexit/Trump whinge. But a look at my training logs and racing highlights and lowlights.

Mileage totals…

Run: 203 runs / 1387 miles / 209 hrs / ~60,000 ft elev

Bike: 81 bikes / 1368 miles / 117 hrs / ~55,000 ft elev

Swim: 70 swims / 83 miles / 51 hrs

Compared to 2015…

431 hours / 2898 miles

Run: 248 runs / 1535 miles / 

Bike: 65 bikes / 1312 miles / 115 hrs

Swim: 14 swims / 17 miles / 9 hrs

Run Races:

4 x marathons from 3:14-3:56 (PB at London!)

4 x half marathons 1:34-2:01 (PW at Wendover 2 arms on 2 legs)

1 x 10km 45:02

20 x 5kms 20:36-24:50

1 x 50 mile ultra 

1 x 45 mile ultra (3rd lady) 

1 x 33 mile ultra (3rd lady)

1 x 84 mile ultra (DNF @ 45 miles)

1 x 100 mile ultra (DNF @ 73 miles)

And a handful of other relays/cross country

Other races:

Ironman Wales

Long course weekend Wales 

Challenge Peguera 70.3

2 x sprint triathlons

2 other sportives (62/100)


London marathon


Wendover half marathon

Looking forward to 2017:
Goals to stay as injury free as possible with regular strength and conditioning sessions and stretching/yoga, reducing my racing and training more consistently.

Race schedule
A races:

Boston marathon (Apr)

Cardiff triathlon (Jun)

B races:

London marathon (Apr)

Fugitive triathlon (Jul)

Newport half marathon (Mar)

Hampton court half marathon (Mar)

C races: 

Trail attack 24hr race (May)

Hardwick X-stream (Feb)


Cross country and Parkrun.


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  1. So many races! Have you ever skipped a period or two, just because you have been racing a lot?


    1. I have an implant now and was on the pill for many years before but did have a gap in between and my cycle was about 40-50 days rather than 28. There’s lots of interesting material on this subject on the endurance planet podcast.


      1. (However I had a decade scan recently and my bone mineral density was v high so that’s reassuring).


      2. oh ok. so many races


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