Transition Week 3-4

Monday: Club tinsel run!

I know I said I wasn’t going to do more than about 3 miles until the end of the year, but I went along to the club run tonight. Thought about going with the slower group, but I was happy with the pace, just wanted to cut it a bit shorter. I planned to just get to town then cut across and go home to curtail it, then realised half way through that wouldn’t work as I’d driven to the club house! So gentle 5.5 mile tour of Christmas lights in Christmas fancy dress it was to be.

Tuesday: I got interviewed for my favourite podcast! Tough Girl Challenges – you should check it out, so many amazing stories from inspirational women. But be warned, your bucket list will grow.
Then I went to the gym for a spin class, but that was cancelled, so I did 45 mins Pilates class instead.

Wednesday: Rest/out for dinner

Thursday: 4.5 mile run to photograph a specific tree, thought it was a bit closer than that (so much for not running more than 3 miles til the end of the year!)

Friday: Rest day. Work and long drive home to South Wales. 

Saturday: Porthcawl Parkrun and there and back for a total of just over 6 miles. Over my 3 mile limit again, but I did it all with my mum so too far but not too fast. 

Sunday: Christmas Day! Porthcawl Christmas morning swim, ok “swim”. The sun came out and it was beautiful, but water was damned chilly. 


Run = 16 miles

Bike = 0

Swim = I entered the sea?

Other = 45 mins Pilates

Monday: Porthcawl Lions Boxing Day Fun Run of around 4.4 miles plus the run there and back for a total of 6 miles. My time for the fun run was only 40 seconds slower than last year so I’ll gladly take that! Last year was also following some downtime and an injury at the start of November, though I hadn’t lost so much fitness as I’d stopped training but continued racing Parkrun and cross country with maybe a week to 10 days off in total. 

Tuesday: 7 mile dune run at an east pace with my mum. I ran the long way home while my mum took the shortcut so I could get in a strava segment. When I got home and synced my watch, I found out I’d run the segment the opposite direction and so it hadn’t registered! After lunch and watching ‘Happy Feet’, I went out for a second short run of 2.5 miles because that segment had my name written all over it! Two strava course records later, and I started the long drive home. 

Wednesday: Back to work today. I was going to go to the gym afterwards, but my legs felt so sore – feet, ankles, calves, hammies and quads. Instead I spent 30 mins on ankle stability/mobility and foam rolling/theracane myofascial release then had a hot bath. I’m still in my transition phase after all, and listening to my body is more important than pushing too far too fast. 

Thursday: 2000m swim followed by steam room and then I made the most of an empty sauna by stretching in there!

Friday: Rest except a bit of stretching.

Saturday: Rushmere Parkrun. 2nd lady in 23:56. It’s a hilly cross country course and my previous two times were 23:37 and 24:18. Both were around a year ago just after the original injury, so I look forward to seeing what I can do on this (my favourite Parkrun) course when fit. Followed it up with 1 HR S&C, 2000 metre swim, sauna and steam room on my last day of my one month membership at the Nuffield. 

Sunday: Happy New Year! Double Parkrun for me starting with Aylesbury (flat, mostly tarmac) in 22:35, way off my best but 3rd lady. Then went on to run Tring (hilly, cross country) in 25:53. It was my 3rd time at Tring which goes straight up for 1km, quite flat for 1km, down for 1km then undulates for 2kms. My previous 2 attempts were 25:15 in November 2015 (I think perhaps my first run following the injury at Druids), and 23:06 in July 2016 when the course was a lot drier and less slippy. So I’m way off form, but I got up and ran 2 Parkruns on New Year’s Day! Here’s to 2017 and consistency. 


Run = 24 miles 

Bike = 0

Swim = 4000 metres

Other = 90 mins S&C

And here’s another 4 beauties from Gousto:-

Tomorrow is Monday, tomorrow is 15 weeks until the Boston marathon, tomorrow is day 1 of consistent marathon training. Let’s go!


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