Transition Week 2

Monday: Got out of work earlier than expected so got in a 1km swim before yoga. Which turned out to be a slightly overenthusiastic (loud) Body Balance with a cover teacher instead. Oh well!

Tuesday: Early finish at work again. So I spent 45 minutes doing myofascial release/massage/rehab stuff with my Swiss ball, foam roller, theracane, spikey ball, golf ball, tennis ball and massager. Plus a bit of ankle mobility and strength/stability work. 

Then back to running club for an abridged and modified speed session. Still don’t want to jump in and go too far or too fast too soon. I wanted to go though, if only to be able eligible to attend the club curry afterwards!but really I want to get back into the habit of going, and to start varying my speed again, to get used to a sensible slow long run pace, and re-discover and develop that top end pace.

The session today was supposed to be 1.5 mile warm-up then 4-6 x 1km efforts + 200m jog recovery and 1.5 mile cool-down. I skipped the warm up and cool down and met everyone at the start of the efforts to reduce my total mileage. Then just did 4×1.2km moderate-hard pace. Laps were 5:05, 5:00, 5:08….so far so good, and 7:14 according to Strava. Not sure about that last one! It worked out 7:14 minutes per mile average pace which isn’t far off my marathon PB pace so not speedy, but not too bad for my second run after a month off. Hopefully it will come back soon. 

Wednesday: Got to the gym early for Body Balance so did a steady 2 miles on the treadmill. Then Body Balance was cancelled and replaced with a 45 minute stretch class, which was alright. 

Thursday: Sports massage with Michelle

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Volunteered at Parkrun again, scanning barcodes. Then did my own slow 3 mile run, and had a relaxing soak in the bath before driving back to Cheltenham for my old running club (CLC Striders) Christmas do.

Sunday: Bit of a lie in, getting up just after 9, then a long old day of driving from Cheltenham to Oxford to Epsom for lunch with a friend and back to Aylesbury. Bday too much time on the M25 for my sanity. I got home at 8pm, a bit sore from 8 hours of driving over the weekend. But thinking about it, that’s not unusual for me, but ordinarily that would have a race or two squeezed in the middle. So I put my trainers on and forced myself out for the door so a run, no matter how short or slow. Time to get that muscle memory back. I took my phone and listened to TED talks, paying zero attention to pace or distance. When I got home, I’d covered 3.5 miles in just under 30 mins. Then spent 30 mins stretching and foam rolling. 

Week summary:

Run – 11.5 miles

Bike – 0

Swim – 1000 metres

Strength/conditioning/stretching – 3hrs

Plus another beautiful week of Gousto meals!


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