Transition week 1

I would have called it recovery week 4, but I finished up with my first run in 4 weeks and first bike in 8 at the weekend. So the next few weeks will be my transition weeks between recovery and proper Boston marathon training.

Monday: Rest day and croaky-voiced my way through work. 

Tuesday: Hyper-efficient productive morning of chores/paperwork. Then off to Nuffield for a 35 minute gym strength and conditioning session + 30 minute spin class + 60 minute Pilates class + 1 mile swim and a sauna. I missed lunch so had an early dinner and fell asleep on the sofa before 6pm!

Wednesday: 60 min body balance class.

Thursday: Rest. Drove 3.5 hour round trip for dinner with a friend. Dessert was so big it defeated me! Which is unheard of.

Friday: Rest. Inactivity really does breed inactivity. I was exhausted in work and just wanted to go home and have my dinner.

Saturday: First run in 4 weeks! I did Parkrun in Aylesbury and started out running with someone before I was given permission to go off and do my own thing. So I did 1 mile suuuuuper slow and 2 miles hard. It felt hard anyway, it was actually much slower than marathon pace. Went for breakfast afterwards and just felt horrific so did some chores and had a nap before the gym. Excuse: waiting for the washing machine to finish to hang my washing up. I finally got to the gym and did 10 mins watt bike intervals + 60 mins full body strength and conditioning. Got home in time for my Gousto box delivery and cooked another delicious meal of spicy saffron, crab and clotted cream risotto with a lemony rocket salad.

Sunday: Off to Nuffield in the morning for a 60 mins body balance class + 35 mins strength and conditioning with a lower body focus. Started with single leg squats/deads to work on stability around the ankle/knee/hip, and then double legs for strength. It was going to be my first time trying heavy back squats for a while as I don’t have a squat rock or big enough plates at home to max out. But straight away with an empty bar, I could feel pain in my upper spine and radiating out, so I adapted and stuck to front squats. I can’t lift as heavy that way, but it’s not putting strain in the wrong places, so that will have to do for me. Followed up with a 1 mile swim and a steam. A lady stopped me in the pool to ask swimming technique advice as she’s training for her first triathlon, and said I had a “very smooth form”. Confidence and speed boost or what! I had planned watt Bike session in the gym before weights, but decided to break up my training and go for an early evening spin class instead. But then, with a sunny (if crisp) day, I thought, why not make the most of it and ride my actual bike? So I took Olivia out for a spin and did a beautiful little pootle in the great outdoors. My first ride in 8 weeks since my half iron distance race in Mallorca. The ride and weather was gorgeous but my phone battery died just as I stopped to take a photo. So instead I’ll share how I finished my weekend, with an alternative to the traditional Sunday roast: Chinese style roast pork with egg fried rice and wilted spring greens.

Week in summary:

Run – 3 miles

Bike – 14 miles + spin/wattbike 40 mins

Swim – 2 miles

Weights/strength – 2:15

Stretching/Pilates/yoga – 3:00

As I said Friday: inactivity breeds inactivity, the less I do, the less I want to do, I’m starting to feel sluggish and rubbish and really need to get back to it – good hydration, clean up my nutrition, and train more consistently. Sunday was better. Let this be the start of something good. 


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