Gousto Review

Gousto is a recipe box subscription service but completely flexible in terms of pausing/cancelling subscriptions and changing frequency of deliveries.

These subscription services have been around years. There were the veg boxes. There are wine clubs. Chocolate tasting boxes. Diet versions with calorie controlled meals delivered to your door. Then there’s the likes of Graze snack boxes and Tribe sports nutrition. And even beauty samplers for makeup addicts. 

I got my first box at a discount which made it astounding value. My next is £41.99 full price for 4 meals for 2 working out at just over £5 a meal. Yes, expensive compared to pasta and tomato sauce. But comparable with steak and fresh veggies with sauce, much cheaper than restaurant food despite the restaurant-standard, and to put it in perspective, not a great deal more than a Boots meal deal. 

For a discount on your first box, here’s a discount code you can use:

Boxes can be scheduled to come weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and contain 2, 3 or 4 meals, but both these factors can be changed at any time. I live alone, so I selected meals for 2, which gives me 4 dinners, and 4 leftover lunches. Fancy schmanzy lunch boxes!

Each week there is a menu of 12 dishes, which you make your selection from by Thursday for weekend delivery. It looks like 4 of the 12 will be veggie and 2 fish, plus 6 containing meat, so the box is suitable for vegetarians and pescatarians too.

Meal 1:

Crispy prawn tacos with lettuce, salsa and coriander mayonnaise. 

Meal 2: 

Lemon crusted bassa fish, with creamy garlic mash, charred spring onions, and brown butter.

Mash 3:

Thai style pork meatballs with noodles, mange tout and red curry sauce. I added a whole cooked courgette to my plate for this one as I’d skipped lunch and was having a late lunch/early dinner combo so wanted to bulk it out a bit. 

Meal 4: 

Persian lamb with cous cous and minted yogurt. The recipe had mint, sultanas and pistachios in the cous cous. I added some leftover coriander, and served the whole lot over a bed of leftover lettuce. 

Each meal took between 15-40 minutes to prepare and cook and I was really impressed both with the freshness and quality of ingredients, and ease of following the recipes.

It was also important to me that the leftovers worked packed up for lunch the next day and could be reheated. 3 of the 4 recipes were perfect. The first would have been fine cold but crispy prawns wouldn’t have reheated well. I actually had this Sunday lunch though, so left the crumbed prawns and didn’t cook them til I needed them. 

There is an assumption you have basic utensils and culinary skills as well as store cupboard ingredients including flour, butter, olive oil, vegetable oil, salt, pepper and milk. However that’s about it, and for a recipe requiring an egg, a single egg was provided. 

Fabulous idea. I am forever flicking through cookbooks but put off by the lengthy ingredient list such as those which include two types of vinegar, and five different spices, meaning a bit initial outlay for one meal and then umpteen ingredients to push to the back of the cupboard and potentially go off before you ever need to use them again. This gives you just enough of each thing such as small pots of curry paste, or sachets of spices, and packets of fresh herbs, eliminating waste or the feeling that you have to eat the same thing every day for a month to use something up. 

I am addicted and have already put my order in for next week. For £25 off your first box, I’ve got a discount code for you here: gousto.co.uk/join?promo_code=LAURA191594
Loved it. 10/10!


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