Recovery Week 3

Rest day, rest day, rest day, this blog is going to get boring! 

Monday was another rest day because I worked an out of hours shift after my normal shift so 9:00-22:00.

Tuesday I had a lie in until 9 before going to London. I needed to go to Croydon Hospital to pick up a form, so planned lunch with one friend, and dinner with another while I was there. To kill time in between, I thought I’d try Psycle and did 2 classes back to back. (See previous post for review). On the train on the way there, I had a funny turn, boiled up and felt suddenly sick and had to go and sit on the floor in the aisle and strip my layers off. Then started rigoring. I had a plain lunch but smashed it at Psycle and felt better. 

Wednesday was a rest day because I had evening plans, which got cancelled. Boys wasting my time. Tut.

Thursday I got my usual brutal by oh so good sports massage followed by 2000m swim, sauna and steam room.

Friday was yet another rest day aka work Christmas party day! My only exercise was therefore dancing and singing.

Saturday I’d planned my first run back at the Chiltern Cross Country League. But having had my the reason for my funny turn on Tuesday, and feeling under the weather all week reveal itself the previous evening just before leaving work, I spent the day on the sofa with penicillin and icecream for my tonsillitis. I received my first Gousto recipe box delivery and it seemed really promising. Full review will follow in a separate blog post when I’ve cooked all 4 meals. 

Sunday I finally managed to drag myself out of my sickbed mid afternoon and after a bath full of Olbas Oil, went for a long walk to fetch my car from work where I left it before the party on Friday. Then I went to the gym and did an easy-ish session followed by a relax in the steam room with an added dose of menthol. A second beautiful meal from Gousto rounded off the week. 

Gym session:

Warm up: Watt bike 10 mins

1. Leg press single leg negatives 1×10 each leg @ 55kg

2. Double leg press 3×10 @ 75kg

3. Calf raise on leg press machine 3×15 @ 35kg

4. Lat pull downs 4×10 @ 25kg

5. Seated cable rows 5×15/12/10/8/6 @ 18.75/21.25/23.75/26.25/28.75kg

6. Tricep kick backs 3×10 each side @ 6kg

7. Bicep curls 3×10 @ 6kg x2

8. Single leg deadlifts 3×10 each side with 15kg bar

9. Plié squats/bottom half pulses superset 3×20/10 with 15kg bar

10. Dorsal raises 3×10 

11. Plank on Swiss ball 2x1minute


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  1. Looking forward to seeing how your recipes turn out!


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