Recovery Week 2

Recovery week 2
Week 2 of no running. 

I did a 75 minute hot Hatha yoga class Monday and Tuesday. Then took Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as complete rest days. Except for some glute work, doing banded crab walks around my consulting room between morning and afternoon surgeries on Thursday. 

I feel good. I feel rested, but I’m worried I’m getting a bit too comfy and used to the sofa and will struggle to get back into training. Irrational fear? Getting out of the house is always hard regardless, though forming a habit does help. 


Saturday, I volunteered at my local Parkrun in Aylesbury as a marshal. It was my first time volunteering except for my 3 turns as a pacer so standing still was a new thing. Pretty chilly but I wrapped up warm. 

Here are pictures of my usual Saturday morning Parkrun attire in winter versus Saturday morning Parkrun volunteering attire. The first picture was obviously a cold day, because it’s rare that I crack out gloves for running. In the second, the outer layers are concealing full length compression tights and a long and short sleeved top beneath. Buff, gloves and hat finished off the look. I managed to get my feet and trouser bottoms wet and I was fuh-reezing! 

But it was fun, standing at the final corner, cheering the runners to the finish. Today we had a big group of couch-to-5k graduates from a local hospice, and a few Parkrun tourists.

I love love love Parkrun and have done 83 of them across 29 different locations including Florida and Paris. I can’t wait to sample some of the South African courses including the wonderfully named Piggly-Wiggly Parkrun and Cannibal’s Cave Parkrun. Parkrun is an amazing idea, and relies on volunteers to make it happen. But we all know I love to race, and don’t feel I forgo my run often enough to help out, so while I’m not running, it’s important to still get out of bed early, wrap up warm and brave the cold to give back.


After a couple of errands, I went to Nuffield to try out their facilities. I usually switch my Tesco Clubcard points for Prezzo/Pizza Express/Cafe Rouge tokens to quadruple their value and get free meals out. But this month, I’ve swapped £18.50 worth of points for a 1 month Nuffield Health membership. 

The Aylesbury Nuffield gym branch is much closer than travelling to Watford or St Albans as I was for yoga. This will be my next step in my off-season recovery to work on strength and conditioning, and now start to reintroduce some cardio to maintain my CV fitness and endurance. 


On Saturday’s visit, I did a 5 minute erg warm up than 30 minutes of strength and conditioning; half swim specific moves and half core.

1. Superset on all 4s focusing thoracic spine and shoulder moves.

2. Shoulder triset including weighted frontcrawl arms, shoulder press and shoulder fly. 

3. 5 mins plank variations using Bosu. 

4. Ab superset dead bugs/crunches with gym ball.

5. Stretching with plenty of child’s pose and a foam roller. 


Then I went to try out the pool, and did a short upper body focused set. Too short, as I found out afterwards the pool was only 20 metres.

10 lengths crawl, arms only with pullbuoy

2 lengths catch-up with PB

2 lengths fists with PB

2 lengths high elbows with PB

2 lengths finger drag with PB

2 lengths thumbs brush sides with PB

20 lengths alternating sprint crawl and breaststroke, focusing on pulling back with the lats.

I ended my visit by alternating cold showers with the sauna and steam room, before going home to a roast, a new fluffy pair of pyjama bottoms, a big old hoodie, my cat and the sofa.

Sunday, I went to a body balance class – mix of yoga/Pilates type moves for a good stretch and mobilisation.

Then onto my main strength and conditioning session. Today’s focus was strength through the posterior chain and stability around the hip.

1. Single leg deadlifts with bar

2. Single leg squat with TRX

3. Leg press / calf raises superset with foot placement variations for the leg press

4. Cable tricep superset

5. Cable ab twist

6. Cable ab crunch

7. Cable “deadlifts” pull-throughs

8. Foam roll

Finished off my weekend with a pedicure and a delicious stuffed roasted butternut squash and some new reading material.


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